SonarQube integration with React js and deploy to AZURE

Hi Team ,
Needed a small help. I am new to SonarQube .
I have a small react JS application and i want to integrate SonarQube and deploy to azure service .

Please help me with the steps .


It’s urgent requirement. Any one who knows can help .

Hi @supriya42 and welcome to the community.

First thing you have to do : a build pipeline with the SonarQube extension for Azure DevOps configured.

You can read the doc here : there are some use cases to help you.


Hi I have followed the same but not able to connect this sonar cube cloud to azure cloud. If possible can u plz share steps for the same.


So, just to understand.

  • You have a SonarQube instance installed on Azure, right ?
  • If so, can it be reached from the outside ?


Yes mick

Then, on your build pipeline :

Add the Prepare analysis configuration task, and setup the Service Connection according to your configuration (Endpoint address, token that you get in the “Security” menu of your SonarCloud account)

Add the build tasks if they are needed

Add the Run Code Analysis task, which requires no configuration

You should have at least your master branch analyzed with that.