Which I option I should choose to integrate sonarcloud in the nodeJS based build Pipeline

I want to integrate sonarcloud in the Node.JS Build PipeLine showing the below screeshot,

and what is the option I should from below list of builds from following screenshot. Please suggest.

Not sure where you see the second screenshot, but these are the instructions you want to follow. SonarScanner for Azure DevOps | SonarCloud Docs

Basically you add three tasks to your pipeline
Prepare Analysis Configuration - this goes before the npm steps, before or after the “Use Node Version” step (not sure if position relative to this step matters)
Run Code Analysis - after you run your code coverage report generation
Publish Quality Gate Result - after Run Code Analysis

It may take some twiddling to get the coverage files in the right place for Sonar’s task to find them. Just enable System Diagnostics for one of the pipeline runs and it should emit file locations, etc.

Also you probably want to add a task at the end for SonarCloud Build Breaker. for PR builds to prevent unwanted code from getting into Main/Master/etc.

Hi Andrew,

The second screenshot is from below blog, ( It is under prerequisite end)
Driving continuous quality of your code with SonarCloud | Azure DevOps Hands-on-Labs (azuredevopslabs.com)

In the blog you have shared I did not find for node.js build what kind of below I should choose from my second screenshot.