SonarCloud roadmap


For what I can see SonarCloud has features that are equivalent to SonarCube Development edition with a few restrictions, e.g. SCM support only for Git and no plugins.

Are there any plans to enhance SonarCloud features in the near future, e.g. allowing plugins or providing an option to subscribe to a SonarCloud “Enterprise” edition with Portfolio and Applications support?

Hello @alexvaccaro,

SonarCloud and SonarQube are two different products and you can find out more about the differences in this blog post: SonarSource Blog .

SonarCloud is continuously being updated with enhancements and new features. Although a plugin system or something equivalent to SonarQubes portfolios and applications is not planned.

Thanks @Martin_Bednorz , I must say that’s a bit disappointing - I am rolling out SonarCloud to my organisation and I was planning to add more and more projects, yet if there are no plans to improve the enterprise capabilities of SonarCloud I would then have to reconsider this expansion.