SonarCloud Quality Gate

Azure DevOps Pull Request - Sonar Cloud / quality gate - Waiting

Hi there,

We have hit an issue with this SonarCloud /quality gate check during our Pull requests.

We refreshed the PAT token yesterday, and then connected up to the Organisational Level.
Some of our Projects are unbound, so we added the Tokens Manually under the Administration > General > Pull Requests section.

However we are still getting the “Waiting” status on the Quality Gate during the Pull Request.

The PAT token, and the account associated with it, has Code Read/Write access can also read Pull Requests etc.

It is only happening with a couple of the Project thus far.

Can you guys please assist us in troubleshooting this issue.


To be clear, analysis runs fine, but retrieving the Quality Gate status stalls out?


Hi Ann,

We managed to find the culprit, in some of the PR pipelines this was defined which caused the Quality Gate to get stuck



Thanks very much for the followup! I’m glad you figured this out.