Quality Gate Status check stuck in waiting in Azure Devops

The quality gate status check in Azure keeps stuck in waiting. (It’s intermittent - happens sometimes- half the times it works fine)

In my case, my org is not bound to azure devops but I have set a valid PAT on Administration>Pull Requests>Personal Access Token.

Here is a task id for one of the failure/waiting cases: AXt4A7GMlC9KxrF10XIb

Can you guys provide some light on it?

Hi @felipesetti welcome to the community.

I apologize for the late response.
Thanks for given us the analysis ID, it made the analysis easy.
I can see several network timeouts between SonarCloud and you Azure server, when SonarCloud tried to transmit the analysis result. It is indeed transient, and I couldn’t find any specific cause on our side nor on your configuration.
I’m very sorry not being able to help you more.