SonarCloud publish not working

SonarCloudPrepare (1.9.0)
DotNetCoreCLI (2.158.0)
SonarCloudAnalyze (1.9.0)
SonarCloudPublish (1.9.0)

As of this morning, SonarCloudPublish has stopped working in our Azure DevOps build pipeline. No useful messages. It just hangs. Preparation and analysis works, but hangs on publish based on the same code that it was publishing successfully last night.

No useful errors or messages. I’ve waited for over 15minutes for a task that would/should take 3-4 seconds.


Publish starts working after 20-30 minutes

We are experiencing exactly same issue right now.
Any updates on this?


We are currently experiencing delays in the processing of the reports.

The root cause has been identifier, situation is smoothly going back to normal

You can follow the status here :

Apologies for this inconvenience.


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It also happens to me. Take these crazy stats to run the pipelines, which “public Quality Gate results” were about 20 mins, always show Task status = Pending

Thank you for the prompt update. Any thoughts on when it’ll go back to normal operation

Hi @Le_L_i_Hoang,

Do you have many messages like this one on your Publish Quality Gate result :

##[debug][SQ] Task status:IN_PROGRESS

##[debug][SQ] Waiting for task ‘xxx’ to complete.

##[debug][SQ] API GET: ‘/api/ce/task’ with query “{“id”:“xxx”}”

If we have any luck that it runs in debug.



It should be back to normal by now.


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Hi @mickaelcaro,
it shows like what you explained in my debug area. And at this moment it is back to normal
Thank you

Thank you, and the timeout set in the configuration is it’s default value ? Or you set one higher than this ?

I keep it 300s as default, but i dont know why they can finish after such a long time like picture i sent above