SonarCloud performance issues?


Over the last week the performance of our analysis through SonarCloud has been very up and down, especially on the ‘Publish quality gate’ task in VSTS (Azure Devops). On our current project we would normally expect this step to take around 10 - 15 seconds for our current project and a large amount of the time it is, but in the last week there have been periods of time where it has taken anywhere from 1 minute up to 45 minutes.

You mentioned in another thread that last Friday you were experiencing a heavy load, has that continued through this week? Is this something that you are aware of and monitoring? Your status page has said that you have had no issues over that last few days. Is this length of time to be expected going forward?


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Just for info, we had the same problem around 18:00 GMT yesterday. Our build takes just over a minute but competed in 30 mins. I guess we will be performing analysis at different times of the day as it’s been no problem when we do.

Good questions you’ve brought up about the load, I’d be interested to see some response to it.

I experience the same today, publish results task hangs for long
have to cancel and disable sonarcloud for now because builds are stuck in queue

Hi guys,

We just updated our status page:
Analysis of reports are processed with a delay of 40 mn.

We’re investigating this slowness issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks Xavier - hopefully it will perform as normal

We just performed a maintenance on SonarCloud to fix this slowness issue:

ERROR: SonarQube server [] can not be reached


Looks like there may still be issues

We don’t see errors on our side and service like see the site up

Good morning,

We are experiencing long wait times on the Publish Quality Gate again. Are there more performance issues?


Hello Peter,

Please accept my apologies for the slow response on this, it somehow fell through the cracks. There are no more performances issues as such, they are behind us and I expect we will not see them again soon.

We checked and your job actually came just as we were doing a deployment. To be very clear, we stopped accepting jobs a few seconds before the job was submitted, it then took 5 minutes to flush the current processing and 7 minutes to deploy. This is why the QG publication was delayed.



Ok, thank you for clearing this up.