SonarCloud Project with BitBucket Cloud Repositories

Hello, I am using SonarCloud, with a paid plan, integrated with our BitBucket Cloud account.
For some reason, we can now see every bitbucket repository in SonarCloud.

I used to have to manually select only repository I wanted to scan.
Now I can see all of them, which is not desirable since most of them will never be scanned.

Is there a way to opt-out of this?


When you say that you

see every bitbucket repository in SonarCloud

Do you mean that they have been imported and you see them in your organization projects page ? This would mean that someone in your organization imported all your repositories in SonarCloud, we don’t do automatic import.

Or you see all of them in the list of available repositories when you are trying to import a new one ? This is expected behavior, it doesn’t mean that your repositories have been imported in SonarCloud. It’s just to help you import a new project, we list what our app can see in your team and you just have to select the one you want to import.

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That is strange since I’m the only one who manage the project. All those new project are only provisioned.

Would it be possible that you did it by mistake ? As it’s quite easy while importing a project to click the “Select all available repositories” option and then confirm the action…

You can delete the projects you don’t want anymore by using the “Delete” action in the “Administration” menu of the project: