SonarCloud prepare task uses Node 6 tasks

We use SonarCloud on Azure DevOps. Since recently, Azure DevOps allows to disable Node 6 tasks (setting on organization level) as Node 6 is out of support since April 2019.
We disabled Node 6 tasks, and got the following error message in all our builds with SonarCloud Prepare task (extension version 1.23). Might be an idea to move to newer version of Node for the prepare task, so we can move along in our organization as well?

The pipeline is not valid. Job Phase_1: Step ‘SonarCloudPrepare’ references task ‘SonarCloudPrepare’ at version ‘1.19.0’ contains an execution handler that relies on NodeJS version ‘6’ which is restricted by your administrator. Job Phase_1: Step ‘SonarCloudAnalyze’ references task ‘SonarCloudAnalyze’ at version ‘1.22.0’ contains an execution handler that relies on NodeJS version ‘6’ which is restricted by your administrator.


Hey @zaat

There’s indeed something specifying the minimal Node version that we require in order to run our task (>= 6 in this case), but that doesn’t mean that it will run Node 6 for sure (will be based on the one that you currently have installed on your build agent).


Thanks for the response! Microsoft tends will move away from Node 6 (as it is out of support) and we really want to disable Node 6 task support in Azure DevOps. Currently we cannot, as the SonarCloud tasks then start failing as mentioned above.

What are the future plans of the SonarCloud extension when it comes to supporting Node 6?

We’re in the global move of even deprecating Node 8 in our own analyzer, so we’re definitely in for that move too.

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@mickaelcaro Cool! Any rough ETA (quarter, month, year) on that one so I can keep track of when to validate disabling the Node 6 option?

Hi @zaat

Sorry for the late reply.

This is currently being discussed with our PMs, because it can have some impacts (for users hosting their own build agent for instance), though the change might be easy to implement.


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Any update on this @mickaelcaro ? Every single pipeline in our organization is now spitting out warnings:

This task uses Node 6 execution handler, which will be deprecated soon. If you are the developer of the task - please consider the migration guideline to Node 10 handler - azure-pipelines-tasks/ at master · microsoft/azure-pipelines-tasks · GitHub. If you are the user - feel free to reach out to the owners of this task to proceed on migration

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Hi @sek-bushel

We made the update for the SonarQube extension, not yet for SonarCloud.

I’ll keep you posted.



This is happening for us too as of today. Looking forward to a resolution :slight_smile:

We are also using SonarCloud, is there anything we can do until this fix is pushed?
Can we target node 10 ourselves for example?


When is this available for Azure DevOps Services? My extension says the last update was 29th of October. I am trying to roll out sonarqube but i dont want to add these warnings to everyones pipelines unnecessarily.

Hi @Clare_Stinton

If you’re using SonarQube, then the 5.* version of the extension is for you, that one is using the Node10 handler.


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+1 (SonarCloud customer)


Also getting the same error on all our of builds in Azure Dev Ops.
Any ETA of a fix on SonarCloud?

Hey, ETA is sometimes next week :wink:

Our pipelines started failing today, after receiving Azure DevOps SonarCloud-extension version 1.27.0 (and soon after 1.27.1). The pipelines were ok this morning. Is this related to this fix from your side?

Error-msg: Failed to execute goal org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin: (default-cli) on project xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: You’re not authorized to run analysis. No sonar.login or SONAR_TOKEN env variable was set

Hi @Frank_B

Yes a regression was introduced by this update, but it’s already fixed, it’s just that it takes time for the update of the extension to be spread out (you should expect the 1.23.1 version of the Prepare Analysis configuration task anytime soon).

Sorry for the incovenience.

And BTW for this specific topic, SonarCloud tasks are now using Node10 as handler, so you should not see warnings anymore.


Thanks for taking care of this. Our Azure Devops Pipeline runs are looking nicer :slight_smile:

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Great! Fast fix. Appreciated!

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