Nodejs version issue in sonarcloud task while using azure devops pipeline

We’ve recently found a sonarcloud analyze task error in our azure devops pipeline, stating that our hosted agent(where our build pipeline runs) is lacking new version of NodeJS and npm.

We’ve got no information on that update of NodeJS from sonarcloud, therefore all our builds are getting failed with older version of NodeJS, could you please kindly help us how frequent the upgrade of SonarQube scanner happens, and going forward could you please kindly help us in notifying the version upgrades of SonarQube scanners.

Kindly please help us here.


This is as much about the Node.js release schedule as it is about Sonar. If you jump to Node.js 20, I think you’ll be good for a while.


Hello @Ravindra_Reddy_I ,

We are working on changes to remove the requirement to have NodeJS installed, and they should be rolled out to SonarCloud early this week.