SonarCloud Org Hierarchy


We have an existing organisation using sonarcloud (free) for open source. There are other repos that are private within the same organisation.

  • is it possible to use a paid version of sonarcloud and still be able to analyse private repos in this existing organisation?
  • what types of issues would we typically face?
  • Is it best to put these repos in another organisation?

I have tried manual import and this does not work

Apologies if this has been asked previously.


Hey there.

If these repositories all exist in the same GitHub organization, then you should be prompted to upgrade when trying to add the project from the create projects page.

It’s normal for an organization to have both public and private projects.

Thanks Colin,

While some projects needed to stay open, our project need to be private for now. We have purchased and created a separate sonarcloud organisation, but pointing to the same github organisation with a view to reviewing only our private repos.

Hopefully we should be able to do this using github actions without losing any functionalities right if we decide not to add the github organization. Or what issues could we face?


Hey there.

This exactly what a single organization with both private and public projects will allow. Some projects can be visible to everybody, while some stay private. There should be no need for separate SonarCloud organizations, unless I’m missing something.