Guidance on Multiple GitHub organisations

We use GitHub Enterprise Cloud and have integrated our main GH organization with SonarCloud for our private repositories.

We have some open source repositories that we have under separate organizations under the same GH Enterprise account and we want to integrate these repositories with SonarCloud, through GitHub Actions.
Let’s say that the current org is named CorpInc both on GH and SonarCloud. The Open Source orgs on GH are CorpInc-oss and CorpInc-code.

We are looking for guidance on how to integrate these OSS repositories with Sonar, preferably in a manner that will require the least administrative overhead.

Should we simply create two new ‘Free’ Orgs on SonarCloud (CorpInc-oss and CorpInc-code) as public? The users would be the same users as far as we can tell. The main concern we have is that we would have to duplicate the work of managing the custom quality profiles and gates.

Since these orgs are only hosting public repositories, there would be no concerns about billing.

On the other hand if we were to add our public repositories to the existing private organization, would this be simpler to manage overall? We assume that public repositories are not accounted into the billing.

Thank you

Hi @sodul,

You are right in that having one SonarCloud organization for each GitHub organization will require duplicated maintenance of QP and QG. You are correct as well in regards to public projects not being accounted into private organizations LoC.

Yet, we think that keeping one SonarCloud organization for each GitHub organization is preferable over having a single SonarCloud org for all of your GitHub organizations. This is because otherwise some integration-related features will work only for one of the GitHub organizations (for instance a SC organization can map to only one GitHub app).

I hope this helps. Regards,

Thank you for the clarification. The fact that there is a 1 to 1 mapping for the sonar/github organizations through the apps makes it clear on how we’ll need to handle this.