Add a new organization to an existing Organization

I have (not free) sonarcloud and linked to my GitHub with private repositories.However, I want to now add a OpenSource repository as a separate organization.

Can I have multiple organizations in the same (paid) SonarCloud account

Hello @MomEngineer,

SonarCloud does not have paid accounts, SonarCloud only supports paid organizations.
If you have a paid organization that means that this organization can contain both public and private repositories. This SonarCloud organization is tightly linked to you GitHub organization, so you can easily import the public and private repositories that exist under your GitHub organization.

One SonarCloud account can be a member of multiple SonarCloud organizations.

So in your case you can easily import the opensource repository in your existing organization if it exists in your GitHub organization.
If the opensource repository is not part of your GitHub organization you can create a new organization on SonarCloud that will be linked to the opensource repository GitHub organization, however you can only do this if you are an administrator of that GitHub organization.

If you are not an administrator of this GitHub organization you can ask the administrator to create the organizaton on SonarCloud and to subsequently add you as a member.

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