SonarCloud not reporting Quality Gate Status to DevOps PR

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  • The sonar analysis is not reporting back to AzureDevops. Backgroup task is: AXnXEFWolFHA1_vebTjv

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I can see in our logs that the call to Azure DevOps was unauthorized. So far all the info we have matches what happened in the thread you linked, and that you need to make sure the correct token is used.

Reviewing the build setting on my end I found a projectname/key mismatch with the project - which I’ve corrected.
I’ve reset the token, and submitted another job, but still getting the same issue.
And I still getting “Azure DevOps was unauthorized” in the logs?

Please tell us the background task id of a task that fails this way, and then we can check it.

the task id is AXoLCDQQG3vK4dcaLxpa

also if you can check AXoKXxLmnudF2A4OiRtz

Last analysis was with task AXoOeBpZqL1bNNYAaGDt (June 15th ~8am BST)

I can see that decoration failed for AXoKXxLmnudF2A4OiRtz, due to unauthorized, as before.

It looks like AXoOeBpZqL1bNNYAaGDt was successfully decorated.

Has your Azure DevOps token the code (read) and code (write) permissions?
Also, is it still active ? (not revoked or expired)