Sonarcloud nolonger lints some of the code on my main branch

We have an ~100k loc project in SonarCloud, everything was working perfect until around 1 week ago when ~50k lines of code disappeared from our main-branch, specifically ~99% of our backend folder was nolonger linted as you can see in the screenshot:

This is quite strange and annoying, however the problem is worse as every PR or other branch we open does correctly get linted by SonarCloud and therefore finds many 100s of issues even on simple branches that only change a few lines of code. Given we use github and the SC integration this generally prevents merging most new branches based on our workflow.

We’ve tried to find various fixes such as pushing new code, deleting past evaluations or swapping the quality profile and even adding include/exclude rules to try to get SC to see the files again but nothing seems to have worked. The only options we can now consider is deleting the entire project but this seems damaging to our history and integrations with existing PRs, users and integrations.

Any help from SC would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Darren,

Can you give us the details of your org and project so we can find them in our system?

Thanks Peeter, our organization is principiamentis and the project is principiamentis_cm5