Azure Devops - Empty analysis results


We’ve been using sonarcloud for a while with our exeuction coming from Azure Devops - and we recently ran into an issue where no analysis is being displayed in sonarcloud, just the message ‘This project is empty’.

The build steps are executing successfully and I can see the background tasks in sonarcloud coming through succesfully, so I’m a bit unsure where the issue lies - any support would be appreciated.


Could you make sure that the target branch of the build pipeline is equal to the default branch of your repo ? This one should be done in order to have the “init” process in SonarCloud



I am running into a similar issue. I have made sure the branch is the default. Also, I found that although it says ‘This project is empty’ and all activity, issues and measures are empty as well, it did register some values in the ‘size’ section of the measures. Including ‘new lines’.

Screenshot for reference:

Ok and just to double check everything before digging deeper, can you make sure that the branch displayed on SonarCloud

Is the same as the one “built” on Azure DevOps ?