Sonar Analysis Branch is not populating in sonar Cloud

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We are using branch “feature/UISonarseperate” . We are running sonar analysis ,publish and can see analysis is fine and publish is working in pipeline with below logs but when we check the same in sonar cloud it shows as " The requested project does not exist, or you have not been granted access.

Make sure the project has been analyzed successfully, hasn’t been deleted, and that you are authenticated to SonarCloud with a user account with permission to view the project."

Please find the complete logs from pipeline.

Uploading: 1_Initialize job.txt…
Uploading: 2_Checkout Gemini-App@featureUISonarseperate to s.txt…
Uploading: 3_Replace Sonar Propertices from Keyvault.txt…
Uploading: 4_Prepare and Publish Sonar Analysis.txt…
Uploading: 5_Post-job Checkout Gemini-App@featureUISonarseperate to s.txt…
6_Finalize Job.txt (246 Bytes)


Thanks for the detail.

This looks like a permissions error. Are you certain you have permissions to the project? Perhaps you can check with an org admin?


Yes, I have admin access. Also to give you quick brief, We connect sonar cloud from Azure through service connection .


You’re showing screenshots of a project called Gemini-App. The project key in your log screenshot (BTW, we really hate screenshots of logs. They can be quite hard to read) is:


Is that the correct project key for this project?


Hi Ann,

Can we please have quick Teams meeting to discuss on this issue. I can screenshare and show for better visibility.

Also, The project key which is referenced is correct . All our other branches on which it’s working , We are using the same project key. Details as below:



Thanks for the details. I’ve referred this to people with deeper access.


Thanks. Please check this issue on priority.

Hi @prakashmenon19 ,

I noticed your project has lots of open short-lived branches and pull requests. Could you please check in SonarCloud if all of them are still relevant, and delete (I mean in SonarCloud) them if relevant? This might help to work around the issue until we understand if we can improve our processing.

Also, I noticed the project has no new code definition set, you may want to address this point too.

Let me know if this helps,

Thanks for the response Alex. All the latest runs via new branches are not being captured in sonar cloud. We are not able to see the branch name neither analysis. Let me delete few branches and check . will update you.
I noticed the project has no new code definition set, you may want to address this point too. - Please let me know steps how to address this.

Hi @prakashmenon19

In regards to defining new code definition, I invite you to check this documentation page.

Hope this helps.

Hi Alex, can you let me know hoe to delete the short lived branch . I am not able to delete it neither see any option in sonar cloud.

Hi @prakashmenon19

Please follow these instructions:

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I don’t see the option to delete the branches. I have the Admin access. My team members who has admin access also cannot see the option.

Hi @prakashmenon19, please check the Project’s permissions (from within the project administration menu) and see what groups or users have “Administer” permission on the project (not at the organization level).

Hi Alex , Please find the project access

@prakashmenon19 what you are displaying is the Organization permissions.

This is different from the Project permissions, which you can access from the project page, and then the administration menu.

I want to draw attention as well that the screenshots you are sharing in this post are public.