SonarCloud - Node.js deprecation warning

We have just noticed in our SonarCloud analysis that there is a warning with the message:

Using Node.js version 16 to execute analysis is deprecated and will stop being supported no earlier than Nov 30th, 2023. Please upgrade to a newer LTS version of Node.js [18, 20]

Now, due to an interesting Front End situation, to complete an upgrade we would somehow need to get the right version of ngx bootstrap, angluar, nx and the list keeps going, and given we have just seen this warning we are very worried.

I have seen very little comms / anything about this, so just wanted to get a confirmation of sorts? Is everything going to break for me come 1 December?

Hm… that’s puzzling to me, as in the last few months we’ve deployed a version of our Javascript/Typescript analyzer that actually embeds the Node.js runtime, effectively hiding this requirement from users.

By any chance are you explicitly setting sonar.nodejs.executable in your analysis configuration? This overrides the (now) embedded runtime.

We’ll get this sorted out before the 1st (a date on which nothing is explicitly planned to break)

Okay, it looks like I was wrong and we haven’t deployed that feature yet. :zipper_mouth_face:

And, we will update the date to no earlier than January 15th (by which time I hope we have deployed this feature).

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