Node.js v14 no longer supported, v16 stops early next year

Hello community,

The analysis environment for Sonar products requires a compatible version of Node.js.
We recommend using the latest LTS version, which is currently Node.js v20.

This announcement concerns you if you use older versions of the runtime in your analysis environment.

TLDR: Please upgrade your analysis environment to the latest Node.js LTS as your analysis might stop working otherwise.

Node.js v14: no longer supported

Node.js v14 has been out of support by the OpenJS Foundation since April 2022.
We had a deprecation warning since September 2022, over a year ago.

Originally, we planned to remove support by April 2023. However, we postponed it due to some users still depending on it.

Now that the usage has dropped, JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS analysis will stop working with Node.js v14. This will be effective as early as this week in SonarCloud and in the next versions of SonarQube and SonarLint.

Node.js v16: support will stop early next year

Node.js v16 is no longer supported by the OpenJS Foundation since September 2023.
It has been deprecated in our products since August 2023 and we will stop supporting it no earlier than mid-January 2024.

SonarQube 10.4 will be the last version to support Node.js v16.

Explicit analysis failure

In the past, the analysis would not fail in the case of Node.js being misconfigured or being an unsupported version. Only a warning log would be emitted.

We have changed this, the analysis will now fail when not configured correctly.

We realize in the short term this will be an inconvenience for some users. However, in the long term, this will ensure that partially failed analysis and analysis misconfigurations don’t go unnoticed for a long time.