Sonarcloud MR Post in Gitlab - Thread vs Comment

Can SonarCloud be adjusted to post a Gitlab thread on a MR any time there are any findings (even if it does not fail the quality gate)?

Right now it posts a comment, which does not require the reviewer to acknowledge it before merging the review and it can be lost in the stream of activity on the MR.

Hi @james2

Thanks for your insight.
Just for clarification, why would the reviewer acknowledge more easily with the information in the MR thread? Could you elaborate on how the acknowledgment is important for the reviewer? How does he process it afterward?


In Gitlab there are 2 types of posts that can be made to an MR,

Threads - They must be marked as resolved before closing the MR (if configured to do so)

Comments - They are just on the MR as information, they have no state, therefore do not need to be marked as resolved before closing the MR

Currently SonarCloud posts comments even if there are findings.

I would prefer that it post the findings as an unresolved thread if there are any findings (such as “introduced issues”) so that the participants in the MR must mark the findings as “resolved” (in other words, acknowledging them) rather than them only showing as a comment that does not require any action.


Hi @james2

Thanks for the clarification. I understand your point about standardizing acknowledgments of findings on Pull Requests.
We will store your need and monitor the traction. Nevertheless, it is not something planned in the short-term roadmap.