SonarCloud Global Settings?


(Chris Romack) #1

We are in the process of evaluating SonarCloud and I am unable to find an area to define global settings… is that a thing in SonarCloud?

For instance, if I go to one of my projects, there is an “Administration -> General Settings” option were I can specify source code exclusions or pull request analysis settings. Many of these settings are global to all of our projects, however, I can not find where those can be set globally. Am I missing something?

Our on-prem Sonar allows me to define - for instance - the GitHub Api Endpoint for all projects.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


(Simon Brandhof) #2

Hi Chris,

I confirm that settings can not be defined on organisation level for the time being. That would be a nice improvement that I hope will be implemented soon.

For this specific example please note that SonarCloud targets projects from only. It’s not planned to support Github Enterprise instances.