Configure SonarCloud Projects

Hi there,

I’m working through a process of setting up SonarCloud within our company.
the majority of our repositories are .net and we’re analysing via msbuild.
our source control is Azure DevOps and we have automated the process for linking our repositories to SonarCloud projects. we will probably have over 200 Sonar Cloud projects in time.

Upon inspecting the projects I’d like to tweak them. I.e. set the PAT for pull requests, configure exclusion rules etc. I had hoped to have a place where I can set it globally within the organization, but it doesnt seem to be the case.
I then hoped I could configure it via the api’s but it doesnt seem like that functionality is available.

I’m curious. has anyone else experienced this? if so have they got around it?

if there is no solution to this at the moment it could it be something we can get implemented ?


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Hi @markkerins

Unfortunately, we don’t yet offer the possibility to do that.

A specification has however been made and is ready to start to really improve this workflow, so this should be available soon (but no ETA to give you)

Thank you for your understanding.


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Mi @mickaelcaro

it sounds like you’ve already Identified an enhancement.

is there a roadmap that I can keep an eye on ?



Yes, there’s this MMF on our side :