Setting global analysis configuration

We need to set global duplication exclusion analysis for certain files across all our projects.

The document: says:

You can make these changes globally or at a project level. At both levels, the navigation path is the same: Administration > General Settings > Analysis Scope .

Although we can see the General Settings > Analysis Scope at project level we do not see it within the Administration tab when viewing all projects ({company}/projects)

I’m the administrator for the organisation and so I don’t think it’s related to permissions.

Could I be looking in the wrong place??



Sorry for the late response.
It’s currently not possible to define settings at organization level. (the page doc you linked is about SonarQube, not SonarCloud).
You can track progress on this feature by following/voting SCCOMM-2.

Even the SonarCloud documentation mentions the same.

I have 50 Project that need the same settings, what is the best way to achieve the same?

Thanks for letting us now about the documentation. I’ll update it.

In the mean time, the easiest way to apply the same settings to all your project is to use the api.

Thank you.

How do we follow/vote? I don’t see those features.