Can I change the default analysis values in SonarCloud?

We recently migrated from a locally hosted SonarQube instance to SonarCloud. To my dismay I see no option to change the default project values (e.g. sonar.exclusions) in SonarCloud. In SonarQube this was available under Administration -> Configuration; SonarCloud has no such option. Is this at all possible, and if so, how?


The settings are available on your project page under Administration -> General Settings.
Note that you’ll need the Administer permission on the project to have access to it.


Hi Benoit,

Thank you for your reply. However, the page you mentioned is for a single project only. We have >40 projects, is there a way to change the default settings for all projects in SonarCloud?


From what I’ve gathered it seems this is not supported in SonarCloud. We will probably look into making a script that updates project properties using API calls.


Sorry for the late reply.
You’re correct, it’s not supported.
We plan to support it, you can watch MMF-1650 Add configuration at organization level to track the status of the feature.
I can’t tell you when we’ll work on it, but for sure not before second part of the year.


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