Sonarcloud does not support ANSI C


I am new for sonarcloud, I wanted to analyse project from GITHUB. The project is mix of C/C++.

I get this error message from sonarcloud:

100.00% of your code is in languages unsupported by Automatic Analysis

  • 100.00% Lines of Code will be ignored (C, C++, Assembly, Objective-C files)

Learn more about Automatic Analysis

Can anyone help me please?

Thank You.

Hello @FiiHaa ,

It looks that you might have been confused by the error message. It merely means that your project cannot be analyzed with what we call Automatic analysis (see the link you copy/pasted from the message for more details). It does not mean that it cannot be analyzed by SonarCloud.

You should follow the instructions described here: to have yor C project analyzed on SonarCloud.

Hope this helps!