IAR Project Analysis Not Working

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  • ALM used GitHub
  • No CI system
  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)
  • Languages of the repository
  • C language
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL
    • https://github.com/guilhermeelkadri/littleFS_sd
      Results of sonarCloud:
      100% of your code is in languages unsupported by Automatic Analysis
      100% Lines of Code will be ignored (C, Assembly, C++, Objective-C, Batchfile, PowerShell files)

Hello @guilhermeelkadri,

First of all welcome to the SonarSource community :wave:. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

About your problem now: Indeed C (actually the whole C family of languages C/C++/Objective-C) are incompatible with the SonarCloud automatic analysis feature.
You’ll have to run the scanner yourself on one of your machines (a minimum manually on any machine where you can build your project, but ideally as part of a CI pipeline), following a process that’s special for C/C++ or Objective-C - it involves a special tool called Build Wrapper - and that’s described at: https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/analysis/languages/cfamily/

Let me know if that helps.