Sonarcloud cannot verify Github

According to this thread login with github : existing user - #21 by Colin I should post my issue at the end of the thread but I cannot answer to that one.

I am also having this issue. Could you please help out here. It is referring to an email address which I do not even have in Github anymore.

Hi Jeremias,
Welcome to our community!

Can you please tell me the e-mail you were using previously, and your GitHub account login.
Also if you were a part of an organization, can you please also provide its name.

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Hi Alexander,

first of all I am sorry that I maybe linked the wrong issue because it is linked alltogether with this problem
“Your email does not match the one we have on record: ‘w*******<at>’. Please add this email and verify it on GitHub in order to regain access to the account”

My previous email was “”. My Github Account is “Wheedman” .
And I was part of some organisations.

Good day Jeremias,
You should be able to log in now, pleas try it out.

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Thank you very much!!!
It is working.

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