SonarCloud build issue in Azure Devops PR

We set up Sonarcloud to start the code analysis when a pull request is sent through our already-existing Azure pipeline. The complete build took roughly 20 to 25 minutes with a success status prior to adding this sonar cloud task to the pipeline.

All of the pipelines were created using Azure DevOps (not on a separate virtual machine), and in addition to the solar cloud integrations, we have other integrations in our current pipelines.

After integrating this sonar into our Azure Cloud Pipelines, we are facing some issues:

  1. Build time increased due to sonar cloud integration in our azure pipelines
  2. It throws the error like “There is not enough space on the disk. Process ‘msbuild.exe’ exited with code ‘1’.” and it stops the build
  3. From my observation, when the build time is below 45 minutes, it found it returns the success status. However, if the build time exceeds 45 minutes, it returns the failed status with the above error
  4. We tried the exclusion techniques to reduce the number of files and folders. Even after this, we did not see improvement in built-time.

We want to find a solution to this soon. I want to know whether Sonarcloud is capable of working with Azure Pipelines.

Hello @DineshKumar

What are the commands that you are using for integrating with SonarCloud? Can you share your YAML file with us?

What is the configuration of your build machines? (CPU, memory, disk)?

Are you able to increase the resources of your build machines? (add more CPU, more memory, more disk)?

You can read some advice on our Troubleshooting guide.