SonarCloud build crashing and manual trigger in Azure Pipelines for the particular pull request

Hi Team,

Need a suggestion for the below issue:

Issue No : 1
We have been configuring the sonar cloud in the Azure pipelines (CI/CD pipelines)
Once the PullRequest has been raised automatically,the azure pipeline will trigger and do its job

  • After including the sonarcloud task,we have been facing the memory management issue because of the sonar cloud scanning.The entire build is getting failed due to its scanning time

  • MSBuild itself taking more than 15 min,due to this my entire build is failing, its showing that memory is not there for making the build
    Here i attached the article for the memory management issue,Exactly what we are facing(Visual Studio Feedback)

Issue No :02
Now we are planning to start the sonar cloud scanning for the particular pull request
we kept our git repository in Azure.We are not getting any point for running the scan via manual with the connection of azure portal

Need a solution for this particular issue.Thanks in advance


We try to keep it to one question per thread. It’s much cleaner that way.

Regarding the first question, I’m confused by the link you’ve provided. It’s about not having enough disk, while you say your problem is with not having enough memory. Here’s the link I found.