SonarCloud and migrating from BitBucket to GitHub

We are migrating from BitBucket Cloud to GitHub. Instead of migrating 100+ repositories at once, we migrate them one-by-one. Currently our SonarCloud organisation is bound to our BitBucket Cloud account. We use pull-request decoration to benefit from the nice integration between both tools. Moving forward, we also want to decorate pull-requests in GitHub.

We understood that we can only bind one: BitBucket or GitHub. Is that correct?
And if so :frowning:, is it possible to request the bind between BitBucket and SonarCloud to be removed once our migration is done, so we can bind to GitHub. In the admin interface we only see โ€œThis organization is bound.โ€. No option to delete the connection.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @timpeeters,

You are correct in your understanding, we only support one binding per organization at the moment.
We also donโ€™t support unbinding organizations at the moment. However we can help you out by performing manual actions. You can update me in this thread when you are ready to make the switch to the GitHub binding.