Sonarcloud Administrator Activity Logging / Audit trail


Is there an existing way to get user activities from sonarcloud web interface?

For example :
member added to the organization by [Administrator X]
role changed for this [user] by [Administrator Y]

We have this requirement from our security certification team.
It will be used for security audit

Here the complete requirement :

Administrator Activity Logging

a) All administrative activities must be logged in a secure way that prevents the same administrative group from tampering with them.

b) All administrator activity logs are kept for a minimum period of 12 months-except if there is a legal or business requirement which defines a specific time period.

c) Access to the logs is available to any authorized internal auditor.



Hello Alexis,

Welcome to the community.

We do not have this feature in SonarCloud.

Your requirement is very clear and makes sense from a governance point of view.
While we do not have this on the roadmap currently, we have noted it for consideration should demand grow.

Kind regards,