Does Sonarcloud provides list of user accounts

Does Sonarcloud provides list of user accounts that have a last login date exceeding 4 months and details about their license status?

Can service verify if there are any user accounts in the service that belong to individuals who are no longer employed by the company?

Is there an API or method available that allows us to retrieve a list of users along with their access rights and license information?


SonarCloud is licensed by lines of code, not by seats.

There is some automatic user syncing with GitHub, but not with other providers.

Could you explain why you need this information?


I want to observe and know the processes to determine how acceptable this platform is for my organization .
Can I , as an Admin, check list of users and their rights and licences via API , check If someone has left platfrom which was in some projects , Can I check what action needs to be taken with accounts that meet the criteria :Last Login Date >4 month accounts with license


Sorry, but we really don’t have the mechanisms in place for what you’re looking for.


Hello @Natia_Shpetishvili ,

Thank you for sharing this feedback!

You can use our API to get some of this data, although not all endpoints are public that you are looking for. You can check the calls that our frontend is making to our API to better understand how to use them. Please note though that internal endpoints might change without prior notification.

To clarify, what exactly do you mean by license of a user? On SonarCloud, organizations are not limited by the amount of users, only by the amount of private lines of code your projects have.