Sonar Version Vs Java Version supported

  • Im Using Sonar Version 4.5.7 and Our Application is on JDK 8. Now we planned to move to JDK 11, now the question is where can we see the supported java version for the respective sonar version.

Hey there.

SonarQube v4.5.7 LTS was released in September 2014 (over 7 years ago!). This was 6 months after Java 8 was released!

You are due for an upgrade – which means upgrading to v5.6.7 LTS, v6.7.7 LTS, v7.9.6 LTS, and finally v8.9.6 LTS (optionally upgrading to the latest non-LTS version, v9.3).

SonarQube looks very different today than 7 years ago – you may even be better off starting from scratch.

Java 11 is supported in all supported versions of SonarQube (v8.9.6 LTS and v9.3).