Scanning Java 11 project with older Sonar version

Hi Team,

We are currently using SonarQube Server 4.5.7 dowloaded as zip. We are trying to upgrade our java project from Java 9 to Java 11 but we are not planning to upgarde the SonarQube server itself.

So, Is it possible for us to scan java 11 code with older SONAR version?


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Sonarqube 4.5.7 is a version of the middle ages past EOL and you shouldn’t use it anymore.
What is preventing you from updating your Sonarqube instance to Sonarqube 9.9.0 LTS/latest ?


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Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for the reply.

Eventually we are planning for Sonar upgrade, but we just wanted to know whether its is mandatory before upgrading our java project.


We started with Sonarqube 5.6.0 back in 2016 and your version 4.5.7 is even older.
Java 9 has been released in 2017
Java 11 has been released in 2018

So the Java plugin running in Sonarqube 4.5.7 will surely not support scanning Java 9 and Java 11 code.