Upgrade concerns

I’m working with SonarQube and my group is under the discussion of upgrade SonarQube to latest versions.

We read some documents that brought some concerns of the upgrade, just like the following one:

it tells that the SonarQube of newer versions do not support Java8. As we still have many projects (under Sonar Scan) written in Java8, this might be a blocker of the upgrad

thus could you please clarify if SonarQube 9.9.x or 10.4.x support scanning Java8 projects? or is there any other possible function removal if I upgrade to 9.9.x / 10.4.x from my current working version (



SonarQube 9.9 supports the scanning of Java 8 projects; however, the scanner must be run using Java 17.

For instructions, please refer to: Scanner environment | SonarQube Docs

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how about SonarQube 10.4(support java 8 project scan) ?


It’s the same thing. You can scan Java 8 projects, but you’ll need to use Java 17 to run the scanner step

You are correct, you need to upgrade Java first, the one that starts your Sonarqube. I know this because I upgraded my instance before to 9.9 LTS and when I started it, taddah it won’t start properly. Later did I know that Java needs to be at 17.

thanks for the reply. we have already upgraded SonarQube to 9.9 and done some testing, so far so good. However, we are still running SonarScanner 3.3(with JDK8) in our environment which was marked as deprecated on doc. And due to some limitations of my organization the cost would be big to upgrade SonarScanner.

I wonder is there some known problems if we keep using Scanner 3.3