Sonar upgrade from 7.3 community to 7.9 enterprise version

Hi All,

we are planning to upgrade our sonar version from 7.3 community version to 7.9 enterprise version.
Sonar 7.3 is using Mysql 5.6.26 version and the database will be migrated to MSSQL.

Is there any procedure to perform this upgrade like from 7.3 to any minor version then to 7.9 or just 7.9 straight away.

I understand there is a tool available to migrate database from mysql to other database (

any suggestion would be appreciatable.


Hi Prabha,

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Migrate your database first (using the MySQL migration tool) on 7.3, and then you can upgrade directly to version 7.9 LTS.



Hi Brian,

thanks for the info, that’s real helpful.