Sonar-scanner version supported by MSBuild v16?

What is the sonar-scanner version supported by MSBuild v16 ?

Hi @Arna. Welcome to the community!

I don’t understand the question. What sort of code are you trying to analyse?

The sonar-scanner is a command line tool that isn’t specific to any build system. As far as MSBuild is concerned it’s just another command line tool.

If you’re trying to analyse C# or VB.NET code you will need to use the Sonar Scanner for MSBuild (recently renamed to the Sonar Scanner for .NET).

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Hi @duncanp, Thanks for your reply.

We are on SonarQube 7.9 version. For C#/ VB.NET we are using - Sonar Scanner for MSBuild v14.
We are trying to understand what scanner version is as defult in Sonar Scanner for MSBuild v16.

Hi @Arna,

The latest version of the SonarScanner for MSBuild/.NET (v5.0.4) is compatible with SonarQube v7.9, and with MSBuild v14.0 and MBuild v16.0, and that’s the version we’d recommend using.