Sonar Scaner CLI and Sonar Scanner MSbuild

Hi All ,
I was using scanner cli with sonarqube 6.1 basic version .
But i needed to install scanner for msbuild when i upgraded to developer’s license using sonarqube 6.7.
I wanted to know what’s actually the difference bw these two scanners and what I be actually using for my .net projects , in both cases (sonaqube basic and sonarqube developer’s version).


The SonarQube Scanner for MSBuild reads your .NET project and handles the (complex!) configuration of the analysis for you. The vanilla SonarQube Scanner makes you do all the work yourself.


I am using scanner cli for scanning .net projects(C#). Is it okay ?

Hi @Rehan,

Your life will be much simpler in the end if you use the Scanner for MSBuild. Feel free to open new threads with questions.


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