Sonar Scanner failing in Jenkins

I am having trouble running sonar scanner from Jenkins yet it succeeds from the command line.

Since I am working on c code I am using the build-wrapper around my compiler in both locations. In Jenkins the wrapper is executed as a shell command prior to the sonar scan step.

I did not specify a sonarqube scanner in jenkins which does not seem to be required though I do have sonar scanner installed and added to path on the linux node.

See screenshots for successful run from command line but failure in Jenkins.

Environment: Linux Ubuntu 64bit
SonarQube Developer Edition:


The error you’re getting from Jenkins is:

Tasks support was removed in SonarQube 7.6

This is unrelated to the build wrapper. Instead, it indicates that you’ve got something on the analysis command line which you probably intended to be an analysis parameter, but which the scanner is reading as an argument. Specifically, you’ve got something in there that doesn’t start with -D. Squinting at your logs (really, copy/paste is always way better than a screenshot :slight_smile:) I’m guessing it’s


And BTW, you shouldn’t even need to point to that file; just check it in to project root and it will be picked up automatically.


Thanks for the reply Ann, I figured it out. I had put ‘sonar-scanner’ in the tasks box thinking that it was needed but it is unnecessary and was causing that error

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