Execution Failure: how to get more info?

I am able to run the sonar-scanner from command line using the same settings I (hopefully) have configured it in Jenkins, but when I try from Jenkins I get an EXECUTION FAILURE error. But looking at the attached output I do not see where the issue is. Can anyone point me to where I can get more info on this issue so I can do something about it? sonarerror.log (4.2 KB)

Hi @KeinVogel,

The first part of your scanning command looks suspicious. Is this

"Scan PythonDev source code"

the name of your project? if so, you need to define it using -Dsonar.projectName="Scan PythonDev source code" instead of leaving it without a parameter.



I thought that was the name of the scan, not of the project. Let me edit it and try again.