Sonar passes without minimum coverage

  • ALM used : GitHub

  • CI system used :GitHub actions

  • Languages of the repository : java gradle 8

  • Error observed:
    the error that we have is when we send a pr of the code that is already in github the scanning process of sonar marked a passed even though the coverage does not have the minimum for this to happen and in sonarcloud appears with null coverage and below marks a very low coverage estimated after the merge we also noticed that it does not mark bug, security, maintainablity and security review and puts them A even though it is known that it has not worked anything of it in the code.

  • Steps to reproduce

Quality Gate: Passed

[0]Bugs. A


[0]Vulnerabilities A


**68.6%**Estimated after merge


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Please list the files (obfuscate the names if necessary I’m really interested in the extensions) that were changed in this PR.