Sonar lint is not using sonar qube's quality profiles

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  • versions used
    SonarQube: 7.5 (build 20543)
    SonarLint :
    OS : MAC 10.14.6 (18G3020)

  • error observed (wrap logs/code around triple quote ``` for proper formatting)
    No errors, the issue is that sonar lint is not using sonar qube’s rules while analyzing the project.
    Project is having binding correctly, and also binding is updated.

  • steps to reproduce
    See issues on any file on sonarqube, analyse the same file from sonar lint.
    Check the same issues are coming which are shown in sonarqube or not.

Expected Result:
Same issues which are shown on sonarqube should come here as well.

Actual Result:
Sonar lint is not using server rules(quality profiles) it is using its local rules to scan.

  • potential workaround
    no work around.


Thanks for joining the community, and for raising this issue.

Could you send us an example of which issues are not detected on SonarLint side but are detected on SonarQube ?


Attaching the screen shot.

This issue is reported in sonar qube see below:

But is not coming when analysing this file from sonar lint. For solving each and every issue, we are doing check in of code and then from sonar qube we are able to verify if the issue is fixed or not.


as you wrote version

i guess you’re using Sonarlint for IntelliJ.
Not all scanners are supported in Sonarlint, see the details here


and you’ll see the CSS scanner is not yet supported, it’s only

and Swift, Scala, XML when connected to Sonarqube, Sonarcloud.
See also here beyond
“Detect Code Quality and Security issues on the fly in:”


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As already pointed out, CSS is not supported by SonarLint, neither in standalone nor connected mode.

We understand that it is at least surprising to obtain different results than in SonarQube. This is something that might evolve in the future but we don’t have a clear time frame for this.

Thanks again for reporting this issue.