Sonar lint is analiyzig all changed files event the change list I want to commit contain one file

Please provide

  • Operating system: ubuntu
  • SonarLint plugin version:
  • Programming language you’re coding in: js / nodejs
  • Is connected mode used: local

in intellij I have two changelist

first one contains one file I want to commit
the second one contains 13 changed files, these files changed for the local env to work and run
many files changed there are big

when performing sonar lint it takes so much time to extend I ask not to use sonar lint analysis at all

I checked and it seems it takes time because it analyzes all the changed file not the selected ones from the changeset
this is a critical/blocker as it lets me to not use sonar lint at all


Welcome to the community!

Analyzing your changeset as a whole is really a secondary use case. The expectation is that you’ll see the issues SonarLint raises on a file-by-file basis, while you’re in the file editing it.

Regarding your experience, are you saying that you’d like to see the issues only in a single changeset, but you can’t narrow the analysis to that? That it’s analyzing both changesets?