How SonarLint knows which files have changed?

Hi Guys,

I am using sonarLint in one of my projects which is binded with a sonarQube project online.
Now when I create a new branch, and I do a mvn clean install and commit the changes.

And I try to use sonarLints ‘Analyze file which has changed’, It does not show me anything.

So how does sonarLint knows which files have changed, also Lets say If I want to find sonarReport only for codesnippets/files which are different from my dev branch, How do i do that?


I guess you are using Eclipse right?

The feature “analyze changed files” will integrate with Eclipse SCM API to find locally changed files. If you are using Git, it means all files locally changed, and not yet committed.
There is no support for finding changed files between two branches.