Sonar for Bitbucket failed Access denied. You must have write or admin access


Please help us in our bitbacket repository a message does not appear indicating that we do not have permissions to see it I do not know how to configure this in the repository so that it appears as ok attached image thank



I think you are using the plugin “Sonar for BitBucket”, which is created by an external provider.

The SonarCloud widget appears correctly as I see in your attached image.
Out of curiosity, what the “Sonar for BitBucket” provides to you that the SonarCloud widget doesn’t provide? That would be interesting information for us to identify what we could improve.




I’m currently having the same issue. It would be great if someone could shed some light on this.
Things checked so far:

  • In case I create the same sonar.json file in a user private repository the plugin works as expected.
  • In case I use the plugin with a sonarqube server through https the plugin doesn’t work.

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Quick update:

I finally found a solution. I had two Sonar plugins installed in Bitbucket Cloud, one for the whole team and one for my own user account. What I had to do was removing the plugin installed in my own user account first, remove the plugin that was installed in the team and after that install again the Sonar plugin for the team.