Sonar fails to check due to deprecated Node JS ( 12 )

Why does sonar fail on this now, when I have not changed any of the configurations at all.

Please share about what I can do to get this sorted.

Hey there.

Take a look at this announcement, and the relevant documentation linked within.

I see. Alright, I read it.

Do you have any suggestions for image sources that I can use ( preferably those that have a nodejs 16 )? Any recommendations?

I appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

What image are you using today?


I am using feeni/node-chrome:latest. I think I got this straight from one our documentation or tutorials some time ago.

what’s a good image to use for a project with just typescript and HTML ? :slight_smile:

It looks like this was last updated 3 years ago!.

I would probably suggest using the [official docker image for node], which was the original image that feeni:node-chrome was using (and then installing chrome).

browserless/chrome might also be an option for you if it’s important to have chrome installed.

Whatever your requirements are, I’d look around for a maintained image (for operational/security purposes, not just to support SonarCloud requirements)


I think I failed on that one. Do you know any other images that is compatible? and lastly, ( I think I might be doing it wrong ), I simply change the image that was indicated from the .yml file. Is that the only place that I should change?


I don’t know what the requirements of your image are – or what error you’re facing, so I don’t think I can help you there.

That should be the only place you have to change anything.