Sonar-cnes report generate issue

Hi all,

i am using sonar qube Community Edition * Version 9.9.1 in my local windows machine which is working fine, after that i have added sonar-cnes-report-4.2.0.jar to generate report through it,but when i generate report it gives below error,

,i check the logs as well and found below in web.log
Processing of request /api/cnesreport/report?key=Bmi&branch=main&language=en_US&author=Administrator&token=squ_70b2e9219f5fb975a7f590df8e213059&enableDocx=true&enableMd=true&enableXlsx=true&enableCsv=true&enableConf=true&generation=Generate failed
javax.servlet.ServletException: Could not initialize class

full log is below:
web.log (24.5 KB)

i have download the plugin from, *they havementioned it support for Sonarqube new LTS 9.9 support)

really appreciate if anyone can help to resolve this issue,thanks


Hi anushka,

Welcome to the community!

This is a 3rd-party plugin. You should create an issue on the project.