Sonar cloud Severity New mapping does not apply why?


If my understanding is wrong, please correct me I have seen the latest issue documentation showing the old severities are deleted and new mapping added, but still it is not showing old severities in my sonar cloud. please explain

severities mapping


I saw Low mapped to MINOR and INFO but i can see in my sonar issue low mapped to MAJOR

Please suggest.


Hey there.

What specific rule is being flagged here?

Thanks. Looking at this rule, it looks like this is a new rule that was introduced after we started to migrate from the old taxonomy to the new taxonomy. I’m not sure if we intend to have a strict mapping, or if this what’s documented was a general guideline when we made the move. I’ll need to wait for the person in charge of that to come back from holiday, so stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Hi @nagarjuna183,

You can see the impact on Maintainability is shown in blue with the same icon as the Low on the filters on the left.

However, it looks like the rule might have a custom severity in your Quality Profile, it could have been manually set to Major. Could you confirm this is the case?

I think no, which is my default Could you please verify that I have entered the issue code, S6754?