Sonar caverage not showing for only main branch (i.e develop)


We are analyzing sonar via multibranch jenkins pipeline

The Sonar analysis happening all the branches and coverage also visible for all branches except the main branch (develop branch set as main branch in sonarqube dashboard)

Its an intermittent issue which was working fine 2 days earlies but suddenly stopped showing coverage for develop branch only which is main branch in sonar dashboard

We are passing sonar.branchname for all branches except develop branch to make develop as main branch in sonarqube dashboard

Enterprise edition :verison 8.9…9

Kindly help on this to get the coverage

Hey there.

What do the logs say about coverage import?

As i compared both the logs (the log which is publishing coverage to sonar and the log which is not publishing the coverage) and i didn’t find any difference

The only difference is we are passing parameter for one and the other without parameter

Is it mandatory to pass parameter in multibranch pipeline configuration

The issue is it was working till yesterday but not today

Using the plugin “org.sonarqube” version ‘3.0’

I can just recommend sharing the logs – there’s not much we can guess from your description of the issue.