Sonar scanner only scans the main branch for code coverage. Any other branch is not scanned even if I scan it manually

SonarQube 8.3
Analyses are done using Sonar-Scanner

I am trying to scan code coverage for a python project. I am using Bamboo and Bitbucket. I have enabled PR and Branch analysis on Bitbucket. However, only the main branch is scanned.

I tried running it locally by providing the link to SonarQube. It does scan but only scans for the main branch. Even if I try to checkout to another branch and then run the sonar scanner locally, it does the same thing. So I do

git checkout branch
run pytest coverage methods
run sonar-scanner -X

Only the main branch is updated. I can see other branches but they are not updated with coverage reports. Is there a param to specify which branch to analyse?